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Homer Davenport Days
Steampunk Line

Davenport as Pictured by Davenport

Homer Heads
One of Homer Davenport's favorite subjects was himself. And early on, it seemed natural and logical that a festival celebrating the life of a famous artist, would use that artist's self-portrait as a logo. Homer was pretty consistant in this character's "style." As you can see by the several Homer heads above. Like Micky Mouse's ears, or Bugs Bunny's buck teeth, the Homer style sheet calls for the celuloid collar, bow tie and unruly tuft of hair. The portrait on the left was the logo of Homer Davenport Days for many years. It shows the "Sophisticated Homer" in tuxedo ready for a night on the town.

Homer Toons
For this new revitalized Homer Davenport Community Festival, I decided to try a variation of Brand Homer by taking a crack at using one of his other self-portraits. The center image above, the "Introspective Homer," is from an illustration he did for the dedication page of his first published book, (above left).

The image on the right, the "Laughing Homer" actually is more conducive graphically for a "Fun Festival" logo. The original, from the same book as the other, is captioned "An Interview with Senator Hanna." Of course, this is one of Davenport's primary subjects, Senator "Dollar Mark" Hanna, (R-Ohio). So below is the modified Homer Head; digitized, vectorized, flipped and slightly rotated and set against a circle. A new and fresh look for Homer, yet still recognizable as Homer!

Laughing Homer

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